About Us


Trainers must be qualified before they act as a trainer. The IBCT hallmark is the beacon that leads to professional training and sustainable human resource development. We empower professionals for the future.

We set standards, a code of conduct and provide distinguishable quality in the market. Choosing the right training, facilities and trainer is easy. We perform in a positive and respectful way, and at the same time we stick to the standards we have set. Others will perceive our services as an opportunity to learn, an acknowledgement, and to secure their achieved quality. "We are committed to quality in training". 

We develop the state-of-the-art standards for certifying trainers,training centers and training packages; and we strictly apply them. This allows us to provide our clients with distinguishable certification services that at the highest quality in the market. Therefore, organizations perceive our services as an opportunity to learn and grow, an international acknowledgement, and to secure the achievement of sustainable human resources development. 

IBCT is a not for profit international certification body. We believe that trainers should be prepared and qualified before the practice. IBCT has organized the certification of trainers and HRD professionals since 1988, and was founded by Professor Warren Pontrelli in the United States. Later, it was continued as a global foundation organized under European law (in the Netherlands). The IBCT has established regional headquarters spread over several continents like the United States, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Europe. Our quality assurance body certifies the quality of:

  •        trainers and training consultants
  •        train the trainer programs (educational)
  •        training centers, training companies and facilities
  •        training packages and materials

Private and public organizations, and independent professionals in the industry value our hallmark. Ministries, public and private universities, private business schools, clients, employers, trainees and funding organizations like The World Bank accept and value our professional audits and reports.

The certification of trainers is a major milestone in our field. The training profession has the need and obligation to assure the consumer and the profession itself, that persons practicing as trainers have met the minimum standards of the profession. To meet this need and obligation, the IBCT has established a credentialing system which identifies and certifies only qualified trainers, and promotes professional development of practitioners.

The primary purpose of the board is to assure the public that members possess the following which are required for membership and are qualified to practice:

  •            correct ethical standards
  •            proof of satisfied customers
  •            professional competence and independence

Individuals whose applications are approved will receive a personalized certificate, a gold plated pin, and may use the international acknowledged degree "CPT" or "CT/HRDC" in listing degrees and other credentials. In the Directory, all Certified Trainers / HRD consultants are listed with their expertise.

We accept online applications through this website and you may support your application with PDF files of documents. Please allow one to two weeks for processing of your application file. Since the foundation is a nonprofit organization, we will refund your certification fee if we cannot certify your application.

We appreciate your interest and look forward to your support of this International Certification Program and Professional Association.

Sincerely Yours,

International Board of Certified Trainers
Credentialing and Certification Department

Secretary of the Board