Certification of Training Programs

Qualify your training materials for success.

One of the activities of the Board is to certify training materials and packages. according to the standards
of the International Board of Certified Trainers (IBCT).

What are the benefits of certifying training materials?
Certifying the training materials assures the quality regarding the following points:
  • The appropriate balance between the theory and application. 
  • Adequacy of training activities.
  • Suitability of the selected training methods.
  • Covering the training objectives.
  • Efficient use of multimedia.
  • Applying the adult learning principals.
  • Selecting the most appropriate evaluation methods.
  • Authorship and copyrights.
  • Appearance and printing quality.
  • Stabilizing the quality of program delivery over successive runs.
  • Certified materials have the seal of professional quality on its cover.

The criteria for certifying the training materials comprise the following points with corresponding score weight are shown below:


  1. Quantity 10% of the total score
  2. Structure and organization 25% of the total score
  3. Presentation and illustration 20% of the total score
  4. Program objectives 25% of the total score
  5. Authorship and documentation 10%  of the total score
  6. Material production style 10% of the total score

For an application to certify your training materials or to train the trainer programs, please download the following manual and send your application by mail to your local division.

Please contact us via email for an application form for training material certification.

Click here to view the directory with certified training programs.