Certification of Webinars

Attract more registrants and participants to increase the impact of your web seminar.

Thank you for your interest in certification of webinars.

With the popularity of web seminars, a lot of complaints are emerging about them as well. People grumble about poor presenters, long sessions that are giving too much information, and a lack of technical support. In the end, webinar participants are sometimes left with a feeling that the event was not worth their time and money. What a pity! Web seminars can be great... if they are managed well.

Therefore, we started with the certification of web seminars or webinars. The IBCT has determined 10 criteria for a successful webinar. Webinars that meet those criteria can apply for a quality certification and may use the quality seal “Certified Webinar”. This hallmark ensures the public that certified webinars will deliver what it promised. It stands for webinars that: 

1. professionally presented

2. deliver the content in an effective and efficient way

3. deal with the audience respectfully.

As you go through the application, we promise to:

1. Answer any questions. A board member from the Certification Committee will answer any questions you might have. 

    So, please don’t hesitate to email your questions.

2. Quick scan your application and we will let you know if it is accepted in the current state, or if we need further information.
    If we can’t certify your webinar, we will refund your payment completely minus the $7.50 administration expenses.

3. If your application is accepted and the payment is received, we will review your application within 1-4 weeks.
    The final conclusion from the certification committee can be:
 a. No Opinion, we would like to get more information,
 b. Not Certified
 c. Certified.

For an application to certify your web seminar, please download the following manual and send your application by mail to your local division.

Click here to view the directory with certified web seminars.