The primary purpose of the International Board of Certified Trainers is to assure the public that members possess the ethical standards; and the professional competence and independence required for membership and are qualified to practice.

The need to promote established standards in the practice of training has been evident for many years, as well as the need to readily identify those with expertise in the field. The work of the Board has four purposes:

  • To (re)certify training professionals.
  • To promote professional development and strenghten professional preparation.
  • To (re)certify training centers, training companies and facilities. 
  • To (re)certify professional training programs, materials and webinars.

Certified Trainers take pride in their work and are committed to excellence in their practice. Through membership in the International Board of Certified Trainers, trainers broaden and develop their training and consulting capabilities while contributing to the advancement of their profession. More broadly, the goal of the Board is to help ensure high standards which will give rise to a greater public confidence in the training profession.

Additional important purposes are:

  • To provide opportunities for trainers to improve their training, coaching and training management skills through specialized training and career developing programs.
  • To advocate sustainable human resource development by promoting decent work principles,
    effective training and needs analysis that improves the connection and access to the labor market. 
  • To gain public recognition for Board Certification and to enhance the reputation of training as a profession.