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Welcome to IBCT’s re-certification system, a Personal Development Activity Planning Tool for IBCT CertifiedTrainers.

This unique and specialized tool is based on the scientifically founded competence/role profile of training and talent development professionals. The tool guides you through a triennial development process, within the competence/role framework, with a maximum freedom to create your own future development activities. All the required scientific details and procedural steps are outlined on the online pages will include here later.

Basically, there are 2 main requirements to complete your recertification process:

First, finishing your three-year professional development plan through our e-Planner tool.
Second, submitting of a reflection report depicting a complete training experience you went through the last three years;a full explanation of the components of this report, including the submission procedure,  is available in our online system.

Access To The Online System
Read thoroughly the system description, then move to the tap titled “Ready to go?”, fill in the form and press the button titled “Email Access info”. Finally check your email for the link for our Online Re-certification system along with the required password. After accessing the online system, please follow the onscreen instructions until you submit your plan and reflection report.


The Board decision of your recertification
After receiving your three-year development plan and reflection report, the local headquarters will contact you within 15 working days.